dart2The Forex market or the currency market is the largest market in the world both in terms of volume of transactions done and in terms of the value of transactions performed in the market each day. In fact the market is so huge that each day transactions amounting to sixty times the value of transaction happening on the NYSE, are recorded in the market. The world of forex brings with ample opportunities to invest your own money and generate returns that are exceptional in nature.

But before we take a look at these opportunities, we need to understand what really constitutes the forex market? In layman terms, the currency market is a market where buying and selling of currencies is done. It is an over the counter market where deals are negotiated directly between investors over the interbank network. On the currency market, currencies can be sold or bought in pairs. This is because you would always be paying in one currency to buy another currency; hence these two currencies become a part of the currency pair being traded in the market. For example you have the EUR/USD pair in which you can buy a EUR by spending or selling a USD.

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A Mini Forex Account holder has the ability to enter positions that are one-tenth the size of the standard lot of 100,000 units. A one-pip change in a currency pair (based in U.S. dollars), is equal to $1 when trading a mini lot, compared to $10 for a standard-lot trade.

Mini lots are usually available to trade when you open a mini account with a forex dealer.

Especially if you are a beginner trader willing to gain experience in the forex markets, Forex Mini Trading is suited specifically to you.

Since traders are not limited to trade one lot at a time only, these accounts are ideal for increasing exposure together with trading confidence. In fact you can simply trade 10 mini lots if you want to make an equivalent trade to 1 standard lot.

Using mini lots instead of standard lots means to use a higher granularity and hence benefiting from a wider range for the customization of the trade, greater control and eventually lower risks.

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